Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a supermarket of effective IT-solutions for any business task. The company provides a complex of services in the sphere of IT-outsourcing on basis of the international ITIL standard, adapted to the Russian market.


The federal network of the Italian ice-cream cafes in Russia, having its own production capacity. Works as in the format of individual street cafes, and also express-cafe in shopping centers.


Logistics company providing services of high-speed delivery of the goods and correspondence for 59 minutes in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Fast Fashion Group

One of the market leaders of wholesale and retail trade of fashionable Italian clothes in Russia.

Utah-Russia Institute

Was established in 1993 by former Russian Federation Prime Minister Yegor T. Gaidar and by the former Utah Governor Michael O. Leavitt. The purpose of the URI is to promote mutually beneficial humanitarian, cultural, educational, commercial and technological projects.

Investment Holding "Proektnie Investitsii"

Is the holding public company, which interests are focused on the following business areas: HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, Café) and Commercial real estate (street retail, shopping centers).

Syntez Group

One of the leading enterprises in Russia in terms of production of hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol and acetone.