Our professionalism is founded on several important pillars:
  • First class education from the most reputable Western and Russian universities and business schools
  • Extensive work experience in top Western and Russian companies
  • Taking personal interest and responsibility in providing quality service to our clients

Mobility and flexibility

We offer maximum mobility and flexibility to all of our clients allowing us to solve tasks quickly and efficiently.

Result driven

We are result driven and we do our best to achieve it in the interests of our clients.


We are scrupulous in maintaining an impeccable reputation of the team Vinson Massif, therefore ambiguity and unpleasant surprises with business investments are never the case.


Maintaining confidentiality – is one of the most important principles of our work with business investments. Vinson Massif professionals can work on various projects for several clients simultaneously and at the same time guarantee confidentiality of each project based on "Chinese Wall" principle.